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7AR standard member level awards you with discounts on, camps and clinics, cage rentals, and exclusive early access to special events. Members-Only portal with multiple benefits, including priority signup to our limited attendance Winter Camp hosted by our staff and multiple MLB stars! Early priority entry for chance to win access to private small group photo and autograph sessions with MLB stars and future stars. This level is for 12 years of age and under. This level includes the 7AR Ace Program. Click below for more details

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General Equipment and Use Warnings

SERIOUS INJURY CAN OCCUR ON THIS EQUIPMENT. READ ALL WARNINGS AND RECEIVE PROPER INSTRUCTION PRIOR TO USE. Obtain a medical exam and physician approval before beginning any exercise program. Exercise equipment in general and the use thereof has the potential to cause injury or death. No warning label alone can prevent all injuries. Improper use of equipment could lead to serious injury or death. DO NOT use this equipment unless you have been properly trained by a qualified trainer or instructor. This equipment should be used only under qualified supervision. DO NOT allow inexperienced users or children use this equipment without qualified supervision. Be aware of others training in near proximity. Sanitize equipment, pads, benches, mats and other contact surfaces prior to use. Check to ensure that all straps, pins, locks, spotter bars and other safety devices are in place. Inspect all cables, straps, bands and connection points for damage and proper function prior to use. DO NOT use if anything appears to be damaged or not functioning properly. Notify a 7AR employee to report damaged or improperly functioning equipment, including cables, straps, bands and connection points. DO NOT modify or make any changes to the equipment. DO NOT use equipment improperly or for exercises not intended. Be certain that weight pins, storage pins, locks, hooks, etc. are fully engaged and secured. Be aware of possible pinch points. Keep hair, body, hands and clothing away from moving parts. DO NOT overload equipment by adding additional weight. On storage units, place heavier weights on the lower sections, below the center of gravity. Use caution when unloading bars (removing weights), unbalanced loads can cause injury or death.

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