7AR Ace Player Development Program

On-demand player assessment program


Become the best version of yourself with the industries leading baseball player development tools

See The Ball Better!
The patented generation² vision focused training device is equipped with VXT’s advanced mimicry of live pitches that will level the playing field for hitters from Little League to The Majors!

Higher Velocities

A typical pitch takes 400 milliseconds to reach home plate – faster than a blink of an eye!

Record Strikeouts

As pitchers are achieving higher velocities, hitters are struggling to pick up their pitches.

Enter the ACE

The Ace’s patented technology promises to help batters gain an advantage over pitchers.


The #1 Hitting Improvement technology, trusted by more pro, college, elite travel ball, academy teams, coaches, and players for player development at every level of play than any other solution. All Blast solutions turn an ordinary bat into a smart bat, so players can dominate at the plate. Have a BLAST and get better in 1 week!

When the Blast sensor is attached to the knob of any bat, Blast provides real-time feedback for every swing and automatically sends swing information to a smart phone app (iOS and Android compatible) which allows players to understand and improve their hitting. By combining Blast’s patented technology, 3D Swing Tracer, Smart Video Capture™, training videos, and industry-leading accuracy, the power to improve is in your hands.



Training Motivation

Utilize Blast video, metrics, trends, and sessions to compete against yourself (swing trainer) or other team members (swing analyzer).

Benchmark Performance

Compare current performance versus historical information to identify trends and reinforce positive actions.

Shorten the Feedback Loop

Work with real-time metrics, instant analysis tools, video annotation (Premium Services feature), and voice announcements to provide the best path for improvement.

Improve Confidence

Track your performance over time and use simple graphs and charts to mark improvement.

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